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Cleani Cleaning Services Ltd. [Cleani] is a cleaning services provider currently located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

The company is locally owned and registered under the companies act in Phnom Penh, offering professional cleaning solutions for its’ domestic, commercial and industrial clients. 

We are here to ensure your premises are clean to the detail, well restored and maintained in keeping up to international hygiene standards.  Our team of expert cleaners are with you in every way in ensuring your premises are crisp clean and sparking for your comfort and pleasure.

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We are continuously reinventing ourselves to adapt to new technologies to improve our services as well as benchmark Cleani Cleaning Services Ltd.
Certified Staff Cleaners
Our staff well trained by International Easy Reach School who export professional domestic help over the world. We call them Tidy Genius.
Quality Service
We are consciously improving our services through a proactive customer services system.
Safety Training
We trained our staff to ensure safety is observed in the course of service delivery to maintain a safe environment for our staff as well as our clients and minimize the risk of any injuries.

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Our strength as a growing company suite the ability to personalize our services, agility to respond to customer needs and the flexibility to adapt to industry innovations and market demands.

Home Cleaning We offer reliable spring cleaning services for your home to keep your home germ-free. First impression does matter for your business. A space where your employees can thrive in and a safe space for your premises. Commercial Cleaning The mess after a concert, corporate event or private party can be overwhelming to handle on your own. Event & After Party Cleaning Educational Cleaning
Deep Cleaning / Carpet Cleaning
Dry and wet extraction Hygiene
Specialized Cleaning
Other Cleaning Coming Soon~~~ Pest Control

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We are guided by the principle of confidence and relationship building with our clients.

We are a passionate and aggressive competitor who expects to be the best serve our clients, our markets and our stakeholders with pride.

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From Training School to Cleaning Genius.  We proud to introduce our professional service.  With embedding their expertise and experience.  We serve our customer with best service and product.