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Cleani Cleaning Services Ltd. [Cleani] is a cleaning services provider currently located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

The company is locally owned and registered under the companies act in Phnom Penh, offering professional cleaning solutions for its’ domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

We are here to ensure your premises are clean to the detail, well restored and maintained in keeping up to international hygiene standards. 

Our team of expert cleaners are with you in every way in ensuring your premises are crisp clean and sparking for your comfort and pleasure.

Our Business Philosophy


Pride in Our Company

Devotion to Our People

Passion to Be The Best

What we believe in our heart, we wear on our sleeve.

Our foundation is the integrity, dedication, creativity and diversity of our people. We work as a team.

We are a passionate and aggressive competitor who expects to be the best serve our clients, our markets and our stakeholders with pride.

We are guided by the principle of confidence and relationship building with our clients. 

We are cognizant in today’s demanding and fast paced world. 

Our clients count on us for efficient and professional cleaning solutions for their businesses and homes. 

Our management has invested in staff development to ensure that we undertake assignments skillfully.

Our strength as a growing company suite the ability to personalize our services, agility to respond to customer needs and the flexibility to adapt to industry innovations and market demands.


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Customers love us very much


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Imagine, how much we helped them.

Tidy Genius!

Improvement and Innovative

We are continuously reinventing ourselves to adapt to new technologies to improve our services as well as benchmark Cleani Cleaning Services Ltd. as a leader in the cleaning sector.

Team Partner

Our Experts

We are customer driven, always continuously exploring emerging trends and technologists in the market to customize innovative and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to meet our client’s needs.

We are a team of highly motivated members, managers and staff dedicated to providing the best products and cleaning services available in the market. Our strength is generate from our commitment to our clients, our markets, our employees, and ourselves.

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Curry Chow
Cleaning is not just a skill. It is a process for optimize the environment.
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To Serve, is to Serve.